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Our products are designed for use on the front line. We understand that our customers operate in situations of heightened tension, danger, fear, and anger. For this reason, our devices may occasionally need to be repaired and, in some cases, replaced. Reveal provides a comprehensive range of Product Care Plans that cover your device against faults and damage.

If your device is not covered by one of our Product Care Plans Reveal provides two options for getting your device repaired and back into use:

Pay-as-you-go Repairs

With our Pay-as-you-go Repairs, you can simply choose to pay for repairs as and when you need them.

Pay-as-you-go Repairs

Price (excluding VAT)

This single payment option covers collection, repair and return of your D3, D5, D7 or Calla device. Logistics fees for collection and return of the device outside of the UK are to be borne by the Customer.

£145 per device

If the device is found to be beyond economic repair the following options are available:

You can have the device returned unrepaired and receive a refund of £50

Alternatively Reveal can supply a re-furbished device for an additional payment of £80

To report a fault with your device and to purchase a Pay-as-you-go Repair, please use our Fault Report Form.

Repair Credits Plan

Our Repair Credit Bundles allow you to purchase a number of repairs, in advance for D3, D5, D7 and Calla cameras, via a single transaction. Repair Credit Bundles offer reduced administration and enhanced repair pricing.

With our Repair Credit Bundles, you purchase a bundle of Repair Credits prior to submitting any repair service requests. Reveal will provide you with a reference number for each Repair Credit Bundle purchased. The Repair Credits within your bundle are then utilised – as shown below – against any repair service request.

This is achieved simply by quoting the reference number for your Repair Credit Bundle when submitting a repair service request using our Fault Report Form. Reveal will contact you when you need to purchase a new Repair Credit Bundle. Although they are available to all, Repair Credit Bundles have been created to support the needs of customers with a large number of body worn video devices in use.

Repair Credits BundlesPrice per Repair Credit (excluding VAT)Cost of Plan (excluding VAT)

20 Repair Credits


40 Repair Credits


100 Repair Credits


300 Repair Credits


Repair Credits will be utilised as follows:

1 credit = Initial fault assessment undertaken and no fault found/no repair carried out.

2 credit = Initial fault assessment undertaken and repair carried out.

2.5 Credits = Initial fault assessment undertaken, and repair carried out including battery replacement.
(Outside first year Reveal Warranty )

3 credit = Initial fault assessment undertaken and device deemed beyond economic repair. Replacement can be provided at customer request. To report a fault with your device and to purchase a Repair Credits Plan, please use our Fault Report Form.

To purchase a Repair Credit bundle

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